Northeastern Adventure Vlog Laconia

1513 miles, 12 states, 4 days, 3 women. We finally made it! 

Sorry for not being able to post the past coupe days. Life on the road and on a motorcycle ain't easy when it comes to keeping up with emails, social media and anything that requires you to take your hands off the bars. 

We rolled into Laconia around 9:30 pm last night, unloaded our bikes and headed to the bar to celebrate with the rest of our Iron Lilies and Orlando / Laconia Harley crew. We did manage to get a few hours of sleep before heading out for our 100 mile charity ride this morning. Tomorrow is a 200 mile loop and even thought we are a little sore and tired we are looking forward to it! 

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Northeastern Adventure Vlog Day 4


What storm?!

So the threat of a tropical storm was just that, a threat. The clouds parted ways around 9 am and we headed out to our first stop Hilton Head, SC. The ride out was beautiful and the milage was just a little over 300 so we decided to enjoy the ride and go through Ocala National Forrest, stop at Big Talbot Island's "Boneyard Beach" and Savannah, GA along the way. 

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leticia cline
Northeastern Adventure Vlog Day 3


It's the night before we leave it it hasn't stopped raining since yesterday and not suppose to stop until tomorrow night. What hasn't also stopped is the amount of friends and families that have called telling us that it's raining and to be careful. It's kind of them but a little stressful on top of the fact that Samantha 's bike was in heart surgery the past three days and just got finished tonight. 

So things may have started stressful but it sure hasn't lacked in adventure. Looking forward to what the next 36 days will bring. 

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leticia cline
Northeastern Adventure Vlog Day 2

Two days before me and the Iron Lilies leave to head to Laconia, a tropical storm decided to hit Florida and take the same route we're planning on riding. At this time the storm is going to last a little over three days and go along the eastern coast.

We have a very tight schedule and can't leave later than planned. We have planned shoots with our sponsors along the way and have to be in Laconia Saturday morning at 8 am to start our first ride so there's no time to waste. 

Let's hope the weathermen is wrong and if not, here's to an adventure! 

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Riding the Social Highway

As a motorcyclist there's only a few request I have for driver I share the road with and the top of my list is to not be on your phone while you're driving. The majority of motorcyclist have a close call story and most of the time it involves someone texting or looking at their maps and apps. But have you ever thought about the danger of the people that are not on their phones but still thinking about it?

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You Are Here.... a day at Pismo Beach with Skullcandy

At some point in our lives we’ve all stood in front of a kiosk staring at an arrow pointing down to a dot with the words “You are here” typed above it. Most of us never think twice about it but to me it’s one of the best underrated quotes of our time. We’re always somewhere but we are never really “here”.

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The Shirt Off My Back

Lately I have been getting a lot of free clothing due to my following on social media and though I love the thought and appreciate the generosity I couldn’t help but feel guilty for accepting them. You see, I live in central Florida where chronically homeless people and veterans rank first in the nation. And 1 out of 5 of those homeless are children, over 13,700 kids total. My heart just can’t accept that and I knew I had to give back. One day while I was folding clothes it hit me, I had a large basket of T Shirts that were brand new and given to me. I had separated them into the basket because I had them on my list to take photos wearing them and post on my social media as a thank you, to show my support for the brand and to help grow their following but with heaviness in my heart I just didn’t feel right about doing that. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful by not posting an image online of their shirts but I couldn’t keep them when I am already fortunate enough to have plenty of clean clothes to choose from and that’s when the idea of #TheShirtOffMyBack was born. 

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Packing for the Long Haul

Packing for a long ride on a motorcycle is a crafty process. People turn into a legit MacGyver when it comes to figuring out how much stuff they can fit for a journey and if you’re a female then times that struggle by 10.

It’s a balancing act. You can’t pack too much or to high or you will lay your bike over on the first turn you make and then not be able to pick it up because it weighs so much. You also have to take into consideration for your gear and extras that you may need along the road. Breakdowns happen and the better prepared you are then the less time you stay stranded and the more time you have to ride.

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Get In Gear

With more and more women riding everyday you would think that there would be more gear options available for us to buy and there are a few companies jumping on board but remember that we are women and that means we need a lot of options. Plus we come in a lot more shapes and sizes then men do. I also don’t think that we should have to sacrifice style for function and with a little effort we should be able to have both. I like to keep my feminine status while doing what’s considered “manly” activities so taking something that was made for a man and making it smaller will simply not work.

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