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Saying Yes in Thailand

We were not born into this life knowing if we are going to become rich or poor, happy or sad, sick or healthy. But one thing that I know is that the human mind is a powerful tool to achieve anything. No matter the circumstances, greatness is when you push yourself above the odds. 

That’s how I ended up in the back of a pickup truck with 6 strangers

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In The Now

Growing up my family and I never went to the doctor. Instead we had the Amish who would diagnose us and send us home with some herbs and a prescription of rest and relaxation. We lived off the land and made a modest livelihood that didn’t allow for such luxuries as running to the doctor every time we got a stuffed up nose and for the most part we were healthy, strong and live long lives. This eventually lead us to the belief that doctors were in it for the money and therefore I grew up avoiding them at all cost. It wasn’t until my father died of a heart attack that I became obsessed with my personal health and how to preserve it. I had always been a healthy eater and very active person but now I suddenly needed a doctor to tell me that for sure. 

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The Shirt Off My Back

Lately I have been getting a lot of free clothing due to my following on social media and though I love the thought and appreciate the generosity I couldn’t help but feel guilty for accepting them. You see, I live in central Florida where chronically homeless people and veterans rank first in the nation. And 1 out of 5 of those homeless are children, over 13,700 kids total. My heart just can’t accept that and I knew I had to give back. One day while I was folding clothes it hit me, I had a large basket of T Shirts that were brand new and given to me. I had separated them into the basket because I had them on my list to take photos wearing them and post on my social media as a thank you, to show my support for the brand and to help grow their following but with heaviness in my heart I just didn’t feel right about doing that. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful by not posting an image online of their shirts but I couldn’t keep them when I am already fortunate enough to have plenty of clean clothes to choose from and that’s when the idea of #TheShirtOffMyBack was born. 

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