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Pay It Forward Giveaway

I get to work with some pretty amazing companies and they love supporting great causes. Because of this I have a backpack filled with all kinds of gifts, from jackets to jeans. Over $400 dollars in all. 

I did a post on my Instagram asking people to do something good and post about it to encourage others to do the same. They didn't need to follow me or the companies. This wasn't about gaining followers but instead about paying it forward and making the world a better place. 

The response is overwhelming and every post makes me cry. Hearing these stories restores my faith in humanity and I know that together we truly can make a difference. It all starts with one. 

The giveaway is for one week and I'll be posting every single #payitforwardgiveaway post on my website so you all can see what an impact a little good can do.

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The Day a Hooligan Was Born

After riding 2 Iron Butts, crossing up some of the gnarliest Mountains in the North East, racing 2200 miles across the desert in 3 days in 110 degrees to reach my 14th state making my grand total 7,000 miles in 36 days the last thing most people would want to do is race a 500 lb motorcycle in a circle on a dirt track but that's exactly what I did.

Maybe I have a death wish or hitting a mid-life crisis but something in me was telling me I had to do this. I had something to prove to myself and hopefully the abuse I was doing to my body would inspire others step outside of their comfort zones and try something they too never thought they could do before.

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