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Roland Sands Designs Lookbook

Working with friends usually is frowned upon but not when your friends are Roland Sands. For almost a decade I have worked with the crew at Roland Sands Designs as an ambassador and overall supporter of the brand. Here's a look at the 2018 lookbook and a look back at the 2017 product shoot. 

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Pay It Forward Winner

I knew that choosing a winner for this contest would be hard but I never thought it would be nearly impossible. I am so proud of the people that decided to respond and do something good for someone else. From giving strangers lifts to the airport to being vulnerable and sharing stories about their struggles and past, this contest restored my faith in humanity. My intent with this contest was to give something back but in return I feel like I was the one who received the biggest gift of all. I think you from the bottom of my heart for the greatness you all have done and remember, just because the contest is over doesn't mean that you can't keep paying it forward. Make everyday a day to make the world a better place. It's the easiest thing and most rewarding thing you will ever do. 

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The Day a Hooligan Was Born

After riding 2 Iron Butts, crossing up some of the gnarliest Mountains in the North East, racing 2200 miles across the desert in 3 days in 110 degrees to reach my 14th state making my grand total 7,000 miles in 36 days the last thing most people would want to do is race a 500 lb motorcycle in a circle on a dirt track but that's exactly what I did.

Maybe I have a death wish or hitting a mid-life crisis but something in me was telling me I had to do this. I had something to prove to myself and hopefully the abuse I was doing to my body would inspire others step outside of their comfort zones and try something they too never thought they could do before.

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Northeastern Adventure Vlog Laconia

1513 miles, 12 states, 4 days, 3 women. We finally made it! 

Sorry for not being able to post the past coupe days. Life on the road and on a motorcycle ain't easy when it comes to keeping up with emails, social media and anything that requires you to take your hands off the bars. 

We rolled into Laconia around 9:30 pm last night, unloaded our bikes and headed to the bar to celebrate with the rest of our Iron Lilies and Orlando / Laconia Harley crew. We did manage to get a few hours of sleep before heading out for our 100 mile charity ride this morning. Tomorrow is a 200 mile loop and even thought we are a little sore and tired we are looking forward to it! 

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Northeastern Adventure Vlog Day 2

Two days before me and the Iron Lilies leave to head to Laconia, a tropical storm decided to hit Florida and take the same route we're planning on riding. At this time the storm is going to last a little over three days and go along the eastern coast.

We have a very tight schedule and can't leave later than planned. We have planned shoots with our sponsors along the way and have to be in Laconia Saturday morning at 8 am to start our first ride so there's no time to waste. 

Let's hope the weathermen is wrong and if not, here's to an adventure! 

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