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Roland Sands Designs Lookbook

Working with friends usually is frowned upon but not when your friends are Roland Sands. For almost a decade I have worked with the crew at Roland Sands Designs as an ambassador and overall supporter of the brand. Here's a look at the 2018 lookbook and a look back at the 2017 product shoot. 

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RSD Ginger Jacket Review

Recently I got to test the new products that were launching in the Roland Sands Design Fall Line and while all of them were great the Ginger Jacket stood out the most simply because there's not anything else like it out there on the market. It's also very well thought out and constructed. 

This women's jacket is a true utilitarian style jacket with just the right amount of femininity. It's made from premium British Millerain waxed cotton that is water repellent (great for me here in Florida), lightweight and has a soft and supple feel yet still offers top-notch protection.

The classic fit at 3/4 length allows this jacket to be very versatile and its fully adjustable waist means you can dial in the fit just right. Plenty of storage pockets on the Ginger for all the things you carry with you on your rides or pick up along the way. 


I can see this jacket being worn by adventure riders as well as cruiser riders who want a more fashion feel on and off the bike. 

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The Day a Hooligan Was Born

After riding 2 Iron Butts, crossing up some of the gnarliest Mountains in the North East, racing 2200 miles across the desert in 3 days in 110 degrees to reach my 14th state making my grand total 7,000 miles in 36 days the last thing most people would want to do is race a 500 lb motorcycle in a circle on a dirt track but that's exactly what I did.

Maybe I have a death wish or hitting a mid-life crisis but something in me was telling me I had to do this. I had something to prove to myself and hopefully the abuse I was doing to my body would inspire others step outside of their comfort zones and try something they too never thought they could do before.

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Get In Gear

With more and more women riding everyday you would think that there would be more gear options available for us to buy and there are a few companies jumping on board but remember that we are women and that means we need a lot of options. Plus we come in a lot more shapes and sizes then men do. I also don’t think that we should have to sacrifice style for function and with a little effort we should be able to have both. I like to keep my feminine status while doing what’s considered “manly” activities so taking something that was made for a man and making it smaller will simply not work.

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