Pay It Forward Giveaway Part 2

The response for my #payitforward giveaway is overwhelming. Below are some more stories that have been shared. It's "Everyday Hero's" like these that inspire me to no end. 

Happy Father's Day Happy Fathers Day to my dad, Captain Mike. 
I'll give you a story-
One day as a child playing in the driveway, 2 men pulled into the driveway in an old toyota pickup. My dad said "Hey Con, come look at this; these guys made this with their hands". It was giant metal sculpture of a ship that took up the whole truck bed. My dad was so happy, he thought the craftsmen did an amazing job. He told me thieves stole a similar one off the roof of cold springs school that acted as a weather vane, so he had these guys make one to replace it. 
A few weeks later he and my mother we're talking about how the school wanted to have a huge dinner in his honor, present him for the gift he had given them and put a plaque up with his name and he simply said "I don't need any of that; that's not why I did it; tell them thanks anyways." I asked my mom when we were alone a few days later driving "Why doesn't dad want credit and a big deal made for the sculpture, people put their names all over buildings, parks and plaques?" She said "when you give something to others and expect nothing in return- that's what a gift is". It was a great feeling to know that my parents had deep love and respect for one another. I could tell by the way she said it, she was proud of my father. 
The kicker is my brother, my sister, and I never went to that school. We went to the other school in the area. 
Every time I drive by the school I careen my head out the window to look at that ship and give a little fist bump for my dad. It rang true later in life when he would tell me things like "character is how you act when nobody is looking & invest in schools and give to kids-it'll make society better."



Clouds couldn't stop Lucy and I from riding today ❤️ *side note* be kind to one another ...the world is so ugly let's not make it worse for each other. A simple gesture of kindness can make all the difference in someone's day. And not just one day, live it everyday. ✌🏼



@leticiacline #payitforwardgiveaway - this is an easy one, I am nominating my wife who not only manages to run a small business but supports me daily as I am out counseling in the community. Her love, patience, and tenacity to serve others creatively on the daily is the yin to my yang and many others she co-labors with. Also, she just got her first bike and is in great need of some kick ass gear. Thanks for your consideration Leticia! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Here's a PHOto of my celebration dinner. Earlier this week, @leticiacline encouraged her followers to do something good. I try my best to do this daily, but often I fail. Then yesterday happened...I went to Tampa for headshots, then stopped by @minidoughnutfactory. Patrick introduced me to his buddy Bryan who was in town. He was going to walk 2 miles down to Whole Foods with his suitcase before hitting the airport. I volunteered to give him a ride (cause who doesn't like giving strangers rides 😂). Ends up that he's a successful entrepreneur with a business optimizing websites and he's written several New York Times best selling books! WHAT. I gained so much knowledge while spending 15 minutes with him. Our talk made me think on the way home about my business. Will I ever be big? successful? Am I doing things right? I got home, and there was an email saying that I'm in the TOP FIVE out of 202 entries, for the St Pete Chamber of Commerce brand contest! I have to meet with them to discuss more before they pick the finalist for the $10k prize! Goes to show that good will come back when you least expect it. Now I challenge you: Try to do something out of the ordinary for someone else today! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

community drop! Lumberton NC is devastated post hurricane Mathew, by flood waters. A family friend lost her home, 4 years ago she lost her husband in the line of duty while 9 months pregnant. She needs our help as does her community. 2 schools were flooded as well as the water plant, with countless other businesses. Donations are 100% deductible, and monetary donations can be made directly to the foundation (type 'lumberton' in the notes). 💯of all donations are going directly to Lumberton.

Mandy Parker Temple - Facebook

Mandy Parker Temple - Facebook

My husband had had his differences with my father. But the past few days my husband has helped me thru all the hurt and pain of losing my daddy on Saturday. He has not yet said one bad thing about him. It has been hard on me cause I am a daddy's girl. But he has listened and been by my side the whole time and holding me and my kids like never before. He is my rock.
Stay tuned for our next film on his progress, our relationship as father & daughter along with what all happened from my first initial video ❤️ I am so proud of him!