Dainese Keira Lady Leather Jacket

All photos by  Grain & Glass

All photos by Grain & Glass

Regardless of what type of motorcyclist you are you will at least need a couple of motorcycle jackets to get you through the seasons and diffrent riding conditions. I'm a collector of gear and believe that one can never have to many options when it comes to riding even if my bank account may disagree. Each one of my jackets serve a purpose. I have ones that are purely for functionality, some more for looks, one for hot weather, one for cold and another for rain. 

Recently I put some miles through the California deserts on the Dainese Keira Lady Leather Jacket. Immediately I liked the style of it before I even took the tags off. The look and feel of the leather was soft and high quality and the lining felt luxurious. Once I put it on I was right in my assumptions as the jacket felt like a hug from an old friend. The fit was perfect and the materials, cut and leather worked in unison to make movement in it an ease. It felt like it was already broke in and it even had armor in it. But it was the details in the stitching and placement of pockets, tabs and fasteners that added the finishing touches that made this jacket complete. 

Leticia Cline in the Dainese Keira Lady Jacket

The inside pocket is perfect to stash credit cards or money for easy access when making gas stops. It has plenty of room for a cell phone as well. 

The button down leather tab on the interior is great for holding headphone cables in place if you wanted to run them through the inside of your jacket and the 100% cotton heritage liner makes the interior comfortable and stylish. 

Leticia Cline in the Dainese Keira Jacket
Leticia Cline in the Dainese Keira Jacket

Belted fasteners to adjust fit and secure excess material while riding. The jacket is made from 100% waxed cowhide.

Leticia Cline in Dainese Keira Jacket

The Jacket has two hidden inflow air vents with perforated leather on the front and two outflow air vents on the back.

Leticia Cline in the Dainese Keira Jacket

Overall the KEIRA jacket is perfect for those who want comfort while riding, moderate to ultimate protection and style while on and off the bike. Their really isn't one thing about this jacket that I would change. I only have a little over 1,000 miles on it but so far it has held up perfectly and still looks exactly the way it did when I took the tags off of it. I'm excited about putting more miles on the KEIRA and seeing how the leather ages. Until then I wear this jacket for both a night out on the town and while riding around. 

Dainese KEIRA motorcycle leather jacket for women. Made in natural high-quality drum dyed cowhide, this jacket addresses vintage-loving riders. It offers high ventilation and safety with its Pro-Shape inserts and its pockets for Pro-Armor kits.

$679.95 USD