Since I was 13 years old I have been in front of a camera either as a model or an actress. It's a part of my life that I have always struggled with since it's an industry based on appearance and there are more layers to me than just what is seen. Regardless I have made a career at it and now find it shows diversity as a model and a motorcyclist because being feminine does not preclude possession of intelligence or adventure. 

Maxim Magazine - Exclusive Feature 

Photographer : Joey Wright

Modo Magazine 

Photographer : Greg Cunningham // Hair : Hope Schiller // Makeup : Lia Croke

En Vie Magazine

Photographer : Norma Lopez // Styling Hair and Makeup : Jennifer Beverly 

Elegant Magazine 

Photographer: Danielle Danese // Hairstyling : Alison Edwards // Makeup : Kiara Edwards // Styling : Julia Savage

La Palme Magazine Cover / Feature

Photographer : Michael Giragosian // Hair : Angel Cardona // Makeup : Amanda Stone

Fight Magazine

Photographer : Paul Thatcher